New York and Yale Costings

In the interest of accessibility, I am costing all the international trips I undertake during my PhD, as well as explaining how I funded them. I hope that this encourages other researchers to travel, research, attend conferences and the like, if they are able to. You can read about the other trips I have made here.

In February and March 2018, I will be visiting New York and Yale for research and to record the Modernist Podcast. I have received a £500 scholarship as part of this trip, which will cover my hotel in New York, but I am self funding the rest (having moved home for three months with my parents over summer to save). I am staying with a friend at Yale, meaning I can save money, but I have put down a rough figure of how much it would have cost me had this not been the case.


Flight from London Gatwick to New York: £180
Hotel in New York (5 Nights): £400
Return Train from New York to Yale: £40
AirBnB in New Haven (5 Nights): £200
Flight from New York to London Gatwick: £180
Food Budget: £250

Total Cost: £1250