Séan Richardson is a first year PhD student at Nottingham Trent University, funded by the Vice Chancellor’s Researcher Development Scheme and supervised by Professor Andrew Thacker (Moving Through ModernityGeographies of ModernismThe Oxford Handbook of Modernisms) and Doctor Catherine Clay (British women writers 1914-1945, On not forgetting ‘the importance of everything else’: feminism, modernism and time and tide).

Primarily, his research is interested in asking which spaces allowed queer writing to exist and flourish in the modernist era as part of a thesis titled Queer Cartographies: Mapping Modernist Sexuality 1905 – 1945. The thesis focuses on E.M. Forster, Yukio Mishima, Christopher Isherwood, Mary Butts, H.D. and Katharine Burdekin, siting at the intersection of literary geography and the history of sexuality within the field of modernist criticism. More broadly, Séan is interested in modernism, feminism, queer theory, space and place, biography studies, heritage, fantasy and science fiction, especially within the early 20th century.

Séan has previously worked as a heritage assistant at Alexandra Palace, and for a number of research projects. He hosts the Modernist Podcast and runs the Midlands Modernist Network. In April, Séan organised Queer Modernism(s), a one-day conference at Nottingham Trent University. Currently, he is organising Queer Modernism(s) II: Intersectional Identities and Transitions: Bridging the Victorian-Modernist Divide, set to be held respectively at Oxford and Birmingham in April 2018, as well as curating the Forster50 museum exhibition, commemorating fifty years since E.M. Forster’s passing in 2020. Séan can be found on Twitter and